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Non Insulated Aerial Platforms
For working at height your units cannot be but the best available in the market and nowadays ALTEC is the best choice.
Below you will find some of our models’ specifications, that have made them become the highest quality products among their competitors.
:: DC emergency pump
ALTEC units’ priority is to finish the job, no matter what; that’s why we provide all our units with a DC emergency pump, which would not only allow the operator to get the unit into transport position in case of emergency, but also to continue working until the job would be finished.
:: Side reach
ALTEC is aware that operators will almost never be able to position their vehicle right next to their objective, always confronting other already parked vehicles, sidewalks, etc. on their way. Design, manufacturing and mounting procedures have been focused on providing the best side outreach of the market.
:: Maintenance
Designed to require minimum maintenance and the lowest life cycle costs, a daily visual inspection and a yearly maintenance inspection (with oil filter replacement) is all it takes. Non lube bearings have been used at most points of motion.
:: Controls
Both upper and ground controls are full electrical instead of obsolete hydraulic controls, more uncomfortable to actuate, often getting stuck and always dripping and staining.
:: Platforms
Always one step ahead of our competitors fiberglass platforms, one or two man capacity, are standard with ALTEC units.
:: CE certificates
In addition to the required CE certificates, ARESMARE TEAM believes in quality, reason why the company itself has been certified by SGS under the following quality standards: ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.
:: Payload left
The little weight of ALTEC models enables them to be fitted on 3,5 ton chassis, leaing enough payload left for tools and goods.
Every unit is delivered with its corresponding Operator and Service Manuals, written on the local language.
In our compromise of reducing delivery times ARESMARE TEAM keeps a permanent stock of lifts and spare parts, the last ones delivered within 24 hours from the order to anywhere in our territory.
Flyboom Series
This series provides working heights up to 14,00 m and can be fitted on 3,5 ton GWVR van or chassis (or more).
Design and high quality materials used (aluminum and high resistance steel) guarantee payload left in most cases.
One pair of A-frame telescopic outriggers, located next to the pedestal, are standard, as the two man fiberglass platform, with 107x62 cm dimensions and 200 kg capacity.

The flyboom provides easier access to the platform from the ground and its range of articulation, 110º, gives the operator much more versatility.

Below you will find some of the specifications for these models:






Max. working height (m).




Height to bottom of platform (m).




Max. side reach w/ outriggers (m).




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