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ALTEC is a leading supplier of Brush and Tree Chippers to the Arborist Industry with decades of experience in the chipper manufacturing industry. A complete product line of self feed drum chippers, control feed drum chippers and a comprehensive disc chipper product line, insures that ALTEC has a chipper for all applications.

Their tough design maximizes productivity and their security systems increase the operator’s efficiency.
AEP's Panic Bar™ allows the operator to instantly stop all hydraulic functions and is readily accessed from the operator's position and the direction of the chipper engine, giving personnel almost 360° from which to activate.
EFC system (Electronic Feed Control) keeps the rpms of the disc at the right level all the time.
Some models can be provided with a jib&winch material handling.
Every model achieves ANSI and UNE standards and is delivered CE certified, equipped with Operator and Service Manuals, written in the local language.
At the moment of delivery maintenance and operation training courses will be given to future operators, the correspondent certificates of assistance being issued.
Currently ALTEC chippers series provides chipping capacities from 152 up to 460 mm (diameter). The drum series counts with self feed models WC126/166 and one controlled feed, CFD1217. The disc series counts with four different models, DC912, DC1317, DC1419 and DC1820, all controlled feed.
Please, ask us more information about this product and we will recommend you the best choice according to your needs.
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