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Since we started distributing the first aerial devices for Spain and Portugal, more than twenty years ago, we have not stopped growing, both domestically and internationally.
Undoubtedly, the high profitability of quality equipments for working at heights and the 24 hours availability on spare parts delivery we offer have granted our company the first place in acceptance by leading companies in multiple industries.
Mounted on van or chassis, depending on your needs, aerial devices are very agile units that achieve high performances with very few staff, making them the most profitable option in the market.
In 2.007 we opened our new facilities in Alcalá de Henares, getting together the business and commercial offices, the spare parts stock and the mounting workshop.
In 2.010 obeying our desire to offer our customers the best and complete products of the market we decided to go for ALTEC, American worldwide known manufacturer with the widest range of products available in the market, suitable for multiple industries: works at heights, hi voltage power lines maintenance, construction, environmental products, etc.


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