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Telescopic Cranes
From 16,3 up to a maximum of 34,5 ton, ALTEC range of telescopic cranes provides a safe, quick and easy way to work with loads.
Being telescopic, their reduced final dimensions allow them to be mounted on smaller, lighter and more compact vehicles.
LMAP (Load Moment and Area Protection) system is standard on these units, showing the operator at all times the position of the boom, its extension and angle, the load and the percentage of the total load capacity.
According to your needs the unit will be equipped with the right type of outriggers, making the most of your workspace and maximizing effectiveness.
As an option, an insulated personnel jib is available, permitting qualified aerial workers to do live line bare hand work on energized electrical lines having voltages up to and including 765 kV. Platform capacity would be 272 kg.
Every product of this series would be accompanied by its CE certificate, in addition to achieving American ANSI and European UNE standards.
Every unit delivered will be equipped with Operator and Service Manuals, written in the local language. At the time of delivery maintenance and operation training course will be given to future operators, the correspondent certificates of assistance being issued.
Currently ALTEC telescopic cranes series counts with the following models: AC18-70B/R, AC23-95B, AC26-103B/R, AC26-103B/S, AC30-103S, AC35-127S, AC38-103S and AC38-127S.
Contact us and together we will find the model that best suits your needs.
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