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With the international warranty
ALTEC and ARESMARE TEAM together in Europe!

With great enthusiasm and the desire to offer the best possible product, ARESMARE TEAM joins the ALTEC Worldwide family.

While continuing to offer our classic lifting equipment for working at heights, we renew this range and incorporate many other products, some of them quite innovative in the European market, as digger derricks, telescopic cranes and environmental products.

We complete our range of services with an ambitious product “home delivery”: inspecting and dielectric testing of units at the customer’s facilities, in collaboration with the Official Electrical Central Laboratory (LCOE).

Dielectric testing and inspecting on-site
From now on, we are ready to arrange in your name the maintenance of your insulated units: in collaboration with the LCOE, certified by ENAC and highly experienced in dielectric testing, we will arrange the date that suits the best to your work schedule, will go to your facilities and perform the maintenance inspection and the dielectric test of your unit (or units), issuing the corresponding official certificates.
Our goal is the same as yours, your workers’ safety, by ensuring the perfect maintenance conditions of the units they work with, given the risk of the job they face daily.
First appearance in the press of ARESMARE TEAM and ALTEC together
From the next March 19th ARESMARE TEAM will attend Bauma hand in hand from ALTEC for the first time. This edition of Bauma will be held in Munich, from April 19th until April 25th.
We hope to see you at our stand, N1015/13, where you will be welcome!.
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